January, 2019
Interview Dazed Digital

March, 2018
Interview Chang Chang. Link here
Interview with Madelynn. Link here

November, 2017
Vogue article. Link here

October, 2017
JNBYHOME interview. Link here

September, 2017
Coveteur Interview. Link here
Vogue article. Link here

July, 2017
Creators Project article. Link here

May, 2017
Vice Interview. Link here
Monki x Camilla Engstrom. Link here

April, 2017
Bedford + Bowery. Link here

March, 2017
Interview for The Cut. Link here
Creators Project. Link here

January, 2017
Interview Nylon Mag. Link here

November, 2016
Interview for Steven Alan. Link here

October, 2016
Shoot for garancedore.com. Link here

September, 2016
Article in Huffington Post. Link here

June, 2016
Interview for Man Repeller. Link here

Interview for Garmentory. Link here

May, 2016
Interview for Barneys The Window. Link here

March, 2016
Interview for Pamela Love- Love Stories. Link here

February, 2016
Interview with The Ladies Network. Link here 
Interview with German I-D magazine. Link here

December, 2015
Cool Hunting a
rticle about collabration with Linder. Link here

October, 2015
Interview with Waiting for Saturday. Link here

September, 2015
Interview with GMGN. Link here

December, 2014
Interview with Jean Stories. Link here